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Things to do During Downtime

Posted by chrisproulxdc@gmail.com on March 31, 2020 at 3:40 PM

During the Down Time

This unfortunate situation (to put it lightly) has forced all of us to change the way we do things, and force changes for certain things more permanently. For those of us in the human movement business, we play a crucial role in the prevention, treatment and performance aspect of mobility. Least of which, the first being prevention to linked disorders associated with lack of exercise (not just physical activity) including the immune system. We must remain as active as possible and equally important is to maintain the mobility of the communities we serve.

Hopefully there is minimal activity such as walking from here to there, but for some this may be all they are obtaining and may not even be different than what they were getting in physical activity prior to this event. Although their decline will be less steep, it is a decline nonetheless. Our patients and clients could be much more influenced by this sedentary time and we should do what we can to minimize that. The best part is, they may be influencing other people’s habits and you may actually acquire more clientele by addressing this situation.

Maintain Communication

• Mass communication is a good means of getting global messaging across your demographic

o Used for promoting general mission, eg “staying healthy is important for maintaining and strengthening immunity”

• Provide individual communication to your active clients and patients

o Specific to their condition and compliance


Support Home Compliance

• Create educational content

• Consider live events that cover for group exercise

• Use remote resources to evaluate and coach movement



• Guide them on places to access equipment, supplements, etc

• If you carry products, assist people in their needs

o You can ship direct to people

o Increase your supply revenue

o Some distributors will ship direct to your clients/patients and allow you to maintain margin



• Help both yourself and your constituents for what is to come

o Use this time to reevaluate your business

 For example, increasing volume or per participant value (overall case or per visit/session)

o Offer additional incentives such as new packages and even offerings, eg if you do not carry products


o Marketing/messaging considerations to counteract what some may foresee as barriers, eg less disposable income




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