Effective Motion Strategies

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Effective Motion Strategies 

Welcome to Effective Motion Strategies!  This is an organization dedicated to getting people to move better, before injury and health problems, recovering from movement impairments, and improved athletic performance.  Even though it is probably self explanatory, first, a little about the name.  As a species, we are not only designed to move, but motion is also at the heart of our ability to maintain health.  From a mechanical perspective, movement is more often defined as a region of the body that articulates to include a few body systems such as the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems.  However, the sum of their parts, e.g. these articulations, results in motion.   It is motion that thereby influences most every system in the body.  Motion unifies the entire body and results in synergy, unlike any individual body system acting on its own.  

Although it is a rather complex series of events (these systems working together), the outcomes are straight forward and the strategies to enhance motion can likewise be uncomplicated. To be most effective, which includes maximizing the various components of motion, there are approaches that can be more efficient if not more successful.  

This program is dedicated to professionals, however patients, athletes, parents etc may find the information beneficial and useful. 

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Isabella age 2.5 y.o. running some drills.